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History in the Making

1980 MNW's First Primary Course

1980 MNW's First Primary Course

by Glenn Goodfellow

Since 1979, our Montessori teacher training center has offered rigorous, practical and in-depth adult education, in affiliation with the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI).

And whereas our mission has remained the same over the course of these past 35 years, Montessori Northwest hasn't always looked the same. For example, did you know that both our location and name have changed a few times?

In order to best preserve and showcase this rich history, we've recently launched a new pictorial timeline. In it you can see the faces of many of the people who have made MNW such a fun and dynamic place to learn. But there are still gaps.

We could use your help filling in some of the years for which we have no pictures. Do you have any images from your time at Montessori Northwest that you might send us? We'd love to see them, especially from the older years. 

View the timeline here.

Contact us here if you'd like to contribute to the timeline.

Glenn Goodfellow is the Executive Assistant at MNW. He has a Cordon Bleu degree as a Pastry Chef and enjoys teaching baking and other culinary skills to teachers and children. He is proud to serve on the Board of Oregon Safe Schools & Communities Coalition doing LGBTQ anti-bullying work.

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The holidays are approaching – ushering in a frequently scary season for Montessori teachers. We often have conflicted feelings around holidays and events that occur in the larger culture – afraid that these distract children from their work, disrupt the calm and productive atmosphere in the environment, and are just plain bothersome to us. I’d like to propose changing those feelings and finding ways to see these popular culture events as positive elements in the environment and exploring ways to channel them in support of each child’s development.

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