Benefits of Montessori

The benefits of a Montessori education are numerous, with particular gains in the areas of independence, confidence and responsibility; imagination and self-expression; language and mathematics skills; empathy, compassion and social agility.

Many parents place a high emphasis on reading, writing and mathematics as indicators of their child's scholastic success. Montessori education also values these vital life skills, but balances them with the development of the child’s character. Children who attend Montessori schools frequently display great self-control, self-awareness, and confidence. They have learned how to focus their concentration, to persevere with difficult tasks, and to moderate their behavior around others. This self-control brings poise and inner peace.

Throughout the levels of Montessori education, children develop an awareness of the intricate web of interconnectedness that binds humanity with the natural world. This understanding establishes a sense of compassion and empathy for all living things. The end result is a person who loves to learn, wants to do good in the world, and desires to leave it better than they found it. Montessori education is truly an ‘education for life’.

Much research has been done on the benefits of Montessori. For a brief survey of this research, visit AMI's page on Montessori research.