Montessori and Imagination

The Giant by N.C. Wyeth

The Giant by N.C. Wyeth

MNW Primary student Greta Smith's reflection (read here) on the topic of the Development of Imagination in the first plane will resonate with many teachers.  

During the Primary training at MNW, the students read a prepared text on a theory topic before it is presented in class. Trainers lecture on the theory topic, and then the students get into small groups for discussion or a related project. As homework, the students outline the prepared theory text, write a summarizing essay, and a personal reflection. This process gives the students several guided interactions with each theory topic, and generally includes reading, writing, listening, discussing, and reflecting.  

We hope you enjoy Greta's reflection, and if you would like to read the theory text on Montessori and Imagination, written by Primary Trainer Sarah Werner Andrews, click here!

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Songs in the Key of ABC: An Elementary Refresher Course Summary

Alphabet can be used as an organizational structure for generating words and ideas.

Believe that I am a writer and that my children are writers.

Chain of Knowledge is a paper chain with an insight written on each piece of paper and linked together. Cat Math is a picture code where cat faces represent numbers that are then used in operations.