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Math, Memory, and Exploration

In early February, educators and administrators working with children ages 3–12 gathered at Montessori Northwest to enjoy some chocolate, wine, and a complimentary workshop on memorization of math facts in the Montessori classroom environment.

Posted on March 3, 2015 .


It is inherent in the nature of children to love their time and place, and boy do they love the movie Frozen.


In the spirit of exploring ways to channel children’s interest in support of each child’s development (see our Primary trainers’ blog post on popular culture and holidays found here), we were struck by how thrilling it would be for a child to discover that they can compose a song from Frozen on the Bells!

The famous ICEHOTEL in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden

The famous ICEHOTEL in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden

Also, look at the amazing potential below for true stories about how beautiful structures can indeed be made completely of ice.  How else have you and the children channeled and enjoyed Frozen in Montessori environments?

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Humble Beginnings

It has become somewhat of a MNW tradition to have one day when students and staff bring in childhood pictures of themselves and we all try to guess who’s who.  For example, the baby you see labeled as “33” is our own Primary Co-Director of training Ginni Sackett!

While pictures of us in the First Plane of Development (birth to age 6) are always charming, some students also were brave enough to share a picture of themselves at the often awkward age of 13, lest we forget where all children are going and from whence all of us have come.

On the Hunt for Language

In the Montessori Children’s House for children 3 -6, reading activities begin very simply, building on what the child already knows. Doing so helps safeguard that the experience is a joyful one and the child is immediately successful.  Even for the earliest reading, based solely in phonetics, meaning is attached to reading a word, and reading comprehension is built right into every activity.

Here we see a completed “Scavenger Hunt” completed outdoors by two children.  They read the words on the card, then brought the items to their mat.

(Picture courtesy of Chestnut Grove Montessori)

(Picture courtesy of Chestnut Grove Montessori)

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