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Humble Beginnings

It has become somewhat of a MNW tradition to have one day when students and staff bring in childhood pictures of themselves and we all try to guess who’s who.  For example, the baby you see labeled as “33” is our own Primary Co-Director of training Ginni Sackett!

While pictures of us in the First Plane of Development (birth to age 6) are always charming, some students also were brave enough to share a picture of themselves at the often awkward age of 13, lest we forget where all children are going and from whence all of us have come.

Quote me on this...

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Montessori Northwest's students look to the texts of Dr. Maria Montessori for inspiration and guidance when working with children.

Here we see an exercise in which Primary students read passages from Montessori, then consolidate their meanings into more contemporary language--Creating some beautiful temporary original artwork for our walls. Do you have any Montessori quotes hanging on your walls?

Posted on November 14, 2013 and filed under From MNW Staff.