Strategic Plan

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Montessori Northwest 2013 Strategic Plan

Montessori Northwest is thrilled to announce the successful conclusion of our 2003 Strategic Plan.  This plan involved a significant expansion of our teacher training programs to work with children under age three and in the elementary years, ages 6 to 12. Through the hard work of our staff and community, and the guidance of our Board, we've accomplished amazing things.

As we look to the future, our vision is focused on one major target: bringing more Montessori to more children. Montessori Northwest's strategic plan details the specific goals we'll strive for to bring this vision to life:

Grow Teacher Training

  • Fully enroll MNW courses through improved marketing, cultivation of new trainers, better access to financial aid for students, and opening additional training courses at satellite locations
  • Support MNW alumni through a more sustained relationship with MNW and AMI, develop a teacher mentorship program, and establish Oregon public teaching credentials for Primary and Elementary graduates.
  • Support AMI teacher training in the US through collaboration with other AMI centers to meet the requirements for affiliation as a MACTE consortium, launch a nationwide marketing campaign to increase demand for Montessori teacher training, and serve as a resource for new and existing training centers.

Advocate for accessible quality Montessori

  • Develop strategic partnerships with local and state organizations, both private and governmental.
  • Educate non-Montessori teachers about how they could use Montessori methods in their classrooms
  • Support Montessori schools through a host of methods, including offering administrative support documents, volunteers, support for existing and aspiring administrators, and other benefits.
  • Build a model school for children, providing AMI Montessori education from birth to eighteen years, as well as on-site education for visitors.

Outreach to promote the understanding of Montessori

  • Offer public education events, including an annual community event at Pioneer Courthouse Square, an ongoing public lecture series, a volunteer speaker network for free public speaking events, and supporting film projects that enhance Montessori's visibility.
  • Develop a Montessori communication strategy, including quality content through digital formats (blog and social media), and publishing a quarterly journal for Montessori educators at all levels.
  • Educate parents about the benefits of Montessori through education offerings at schools, use of, expand Montessori's visibility and presence on online parenting blogs, expand parenting classes for parents and expecting parents, and develop parent support groups and communication networks.

These goals are ambitious, but we know through long experience how essential our community's support is to the success of our strategic plan. We hope to enlist you, in whatever way you choose to contribute, in widening understanding of Montessori and bringing this revolutionary method of education to more of the world's children.

Thank you for your support of Montessori Northwest!