Montessori Northwest is proud of the work our graduates do all over the world to promote Montessori.


Montessori Northwest is proud to count over 1000 alumni as part of its globally-placed family. If you are an alumni of Montessori Northwest, we hope you find the information on this page useful and relevant, no matter where your diploma takes you.

Stay Connected

Please keep in touch! We periodically send out email with information related to Montessori Northwest and current events in Montessori, and we also love to make connections between MNW alum throughout the world. Contact us to let us know if you need to update your personal or professional Information.  

The Montessori Northwest website is a strong resource for you as a professional and for school communities at large: 

  • View upcoming Workshops and Events in the Pacific Northwest and Bay Area

  • Our Job Board features employment opportunities near and far

  • Share our Parent Resources

  • Find out how to create Sponsorship opportunities to bring a trained teacher to your community

  • Donate to support scholarships to increase access to teacher training

MNW On Social Media

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram, find your alumni Facebook group, and consider joining the Portland Area MNW Housing Resources Facebook group if you have housing to offer our current students or workshop participants.

Professional Development Resources

Here is a list of resources for professional development including access to research, advocacy, writings, and conferences: 

As an AMI diploma holder, you can and should feel free to contact other AMI training centers for a visit, to audit a lecture at your level, regarding regional job listings, or to volunteer.


AMI Diploma holders are welcome to return and audit lectures. We request that auditors sit for lectures at the level they currently hold a diploma. This is an opportunity to customize your professional development experience and best fit your schedule. The auditing fee is $25 per day. Please contact the MNW office to determine the course schedule and when best we can accommodate your visit. Click here to email or call (503) 963-8992. 


Academic Transcripts

Academic transcripts are available to MNW graduates at a cost of $38.00 per transcript. Transcripts are printed on letterhead and sealed to the specified address as well as emailed to the graduate. Please allow up to 10 business days for your transcript to be mailed and emailed. International or express applicants should select the International Transcript $65.00 option to allow additional postage fees.

Educational Records

At the time of a student’s withdrawal or upon the completion of the course, a student’s Education Records are filed in MNW archives. Education Records may include:

  • The original application form for admission (typically 1 page)

  • The official progress report for completion of AMI requirements (typically 1 page)

  • The summary sheet (s) with scores from written and oral examinations (typically 3+ pages)

  • A copy of the signed and dated AMI diploma and award letter (typically 2 pages)

  • The original field supervisor and host teacher's reports from practice teaching, if applicable (3 or more pages)

  • Education Records may also include documents such as course descriptions (i.e. of Loyola University courses) or any other specialized document that might be necessitated by an Alumni request.

All Education Records are held in their entirety in the strictest of confidence and are the sole possession of Montessori Northwest. Only the graduate can access their Education Records. 

Education Records are available at a cost of $38 and up, depending on the number of pages. Copies will be released to the individual upon receipt of the written request. See below for pricing. Information or content that refers to a person or topic not related to the individual making the request will be blacked out on the copy.

  • Please contact us with the details of your request, so we can communicate the quantity of Education Records you should purchase. We cannot process your order until we know which Education Records to send. 

  • All records will be automatically emailed to the graduate making the request. 

  • Requests will be filled as soon as possible but no longer than 45 days after the date of the written request.

Pricing and REQUESTING Official Transcripts and Education Records

  • Diploma copy - $38 (emailed and shipped within the USA or just emailed)

  • International Diploma copy - $65 (emailed and shipped Internationally)

  • Transcript - $38 (emailed and shipped within the USA or just emailed)

  • International Transcript - $65 (emailed and shipped Internationally)

  • Education Record - $38 (1 page), $48 (2-5 pages), $68 (6+ pages), all emailed and shipped within the USA or just emailed.

  • International Education Record - $65 (1 page), $75 (2-5 pages), $95 (6+ pages), all emailed and shipped Internationally

Diploma Copy




Education Records

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