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Amy Eshelby

Elementary Faculty

Portland, OR



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> Joined MNW staff, 2019
> 18 Years guiding Montessori Elementary classrooms
>Joined MNW board, 2013
>Masters in Education, Loyola University, 2002
> AMI Elementary Diploma, WMI, 2001
> B.A. in Cultural Anthropology, PSU, 1996

What I do at MNW
My work in Administration includes: helping with Community Education, managing our database, aiding with the many small details related to running a business, and supporting the Admin team as well as the students. My work as Elementary Faculty includes: reading student albums, lectures, support student practice and practice teaching/observations, and supporting Elise as Director of Training.

What I like about MNW
My role(s) include so many details! I love the variety: both in larger scope and small details, but especially working with such a dedicated, warm staff that all ultimately share a strong belief in supporting new teachers and providing high quality Montessori training.

A favorite destination
Being in Nature! The dappled light in a forest filled with bird song and the scent of the earth fill my soul and ground me.

Cats or Dogs
I love ALL animals, but dogs are a fave! But so are piglets, goats, horses, etc….

Preferred time of day
Early morning with daybreaking light and birdsong - usually coupled with a hot cup of coffee.

Coast or Mountains
I crave Mountains but the coast is lovely, as are deserts, rivers, and meadows.

A favorite food
I could probably live on Chips and Salsa exclusively.

Words to live by
Live Simply, so that others may simply live.


Amy Sunshine Eshelby is part of Elementary Faculty and Administration at MNW. She holds an AMI Elementary diploma from Washington Montessori Institute, an M.Ed. from Loyola University, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Cultural Anthropology. Amy has been working in Montessori Elementary classrooms since 1998, assisting while in training, then guiding 6-9 year olds for 15 years and 9-12 year olds for 3 years. She has been a presenter on Elementary topics at local, national, and international conferences. Amy served on the OMA board and the MNW board of directors as well. She grew up ‘off-grid’ in central Oregon and has lived in Portland since 1993. She lives with her teen son, Owen, and their black labrador, Bella. Amy’s interests and hobbies include crafting (sewing, embroidery, knitting, collage and more), time in Nature, journaling, and reading.

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