andrea hippensteel Gunn

admissions director

portland, or

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> Joined MNW in 2011
> AMI Primary, MNW, 2007
> AMI A to I Diploma, MNW, 2015
> 4 years as a Primary Guide
> Ambassador of Fun, Sheboygan, WI. Yes, it really was my job title, I ran all children's activities at a hotel/waterpark for up to 70 children

What I do at MNW
I support folks interested in becoming Montessori teachers, from the first phone call or email to day one of their chosen course. And I love it!

What I like about MNW
The students. The staff. The scope of what we do here astounds me every day.

A favorite destination
Snowy places and Lake Superior.

Cats or dogs?
Horses, please.

A surprising skill
I can wiggle my ears, it makes my parents proud and entertains children for hours.

TV favorite
I have a new found love for scandinavian murder mysteries, which is unfortunate because I live in the US and they are a challenge to find.

Fact or fiction?
I built trails in Yellowstone National Park. I have circumnavigated Lake Superior in a Kayak. I once was unknowingly followed home by a mature male Grizzly bear in Alaska...while walking....for a mile. Guess which one is fiction and I'll waive your application fee!