One Sensorial template and many Language Documents

Sensorial Album - We've uploaded a particularly nice looking template for the Rectangular Box.  The previous one showed a crooked rhombus!  It is utterly optional to use or ignore this new page.

Language Album - Various documents for this album have been uploaded.  You will want to read the full Language Introduction for Monday (remember, you only read the first part back in September), as well as the article "Why Phonics Teaching Must Change". The trainers will let you know of any additional ways to prepare for next week. 

We are aaaaaalmost ready to share the literacy portions of the Language Album Check Sheet and Presentation Outlines. These will be available prior to the weekend. 

Posted on November 30, 2017 .

Schedule and slew of documents

In "General" the schedule for the next few weeks is now available.  Apologies for the delay here.  There's many steps associated with created this schedule, and apparently I stopped after printing it up for the white board rather than continue on to share it here!

Many more documents will be available soon to support your work for this week and weeks to come.

Posted on October 10, 2017 .