Step 2

Upload your resume and personal essay as separate documents, or cut and paste, or type your pertinent information directly into the application.



Your resume should include names and addresses of employers, dates of employment, and a list of responsibilities as well as all previously attended colleges/universities, any post-graduate studies, previous Montessori or other education, including the degree or certificate achieved. Be sure to include any employment in Montessori schools. 


Your personal essay will be used to demonstrate your written communication and supports your application for admission. It should be typewritten, professionally formatted, and approximately 1200 words in length. The essay should address the following questions and may include any other information you would like to be considered in support of your candidacy:

  • How do you meet each point of the Criteria for Admission?

  • What is your experience with Montessori Education?

  • What influenced your decision to pursue the study of Montessori education at this age level?

  • Why have you chosen Montessori Northwest to pursue your Montessori Teacher Training?

Criteria for admission

Successful candidates will demonstrate qualifications and suitability for successful participation in the course. 

  • Academic skills for success in a comprehensive and rigorous course of study

  • Clear oral and written communication

  • Capacities for organization, time management, and attention to detail

  • Ability to collaborate within a community

  • Commitment to alternative education

  • Desire to support human development in positive and life-affirming directions

To continue with your application, please fill out the same contact details you used in Step 1, then click submit to launch the full Step 2 application.