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Building A Montessori Community Workshop

Montessori Northwest is pleased to host the National Center for Montessori in the Public Sector’s (NCMPS) Traveling Workshops for New and Early Stage Public Montessori schools April 24-25, 2015.

NCMPS will offer three sessions that are tailored for Montessori leaders and others interested in starting and improving public Montessori schools, including founding groups, boards, superintendents, administrators, parents, and teachers. The experience and information provided will support moving your ideas off of the table and into reality. 

While Friday’s session is geared specifically toward starting a public school, Saturday’s sessions will appeal to current and future leaders, board members and founding groups in the public and private sectors.


Starting a Public Montessori School - Friday April 24, 6:00-8:30pm

This session will focus on a step-by-step process for public school start-up, including charter, district, and magnet programs. The session will cover everything from assessing readiness to ensuring the first day goes smoothly: establishing a timeline, community engagement, financial and staffing needs, gathering a founding team, gaining support, and navigating the approval process.

Where is Your School on the Path to Full Implementation? An Evaluation Tool for Continuous ImprovementSaturday, April 25, 9:30am-Noon

Self-evaluation and strategic planning help spell-out plans for improvement and guide their successful execution. This session will focus on The Essential Elements Rubric, a powerful tool created by NCMPS to support this self-evaluation and continuous improvement. 

Vision, Mission and Action: Establishing a Healthy Professional CommunitySaturday, April 25, 1:00-3:30pm

Clear goals and open lines of communication are the foundation for creating and maintaining a purposeful, mission-driven professional community. This session focuses on steps to take in establishing operating assumptions that will guide communication, collaboration, and the professional culture of your Montessori school. Participants will hear stories of success and struggles from the field and leave with an action plan and timeline to take back to their own schools and faculties. 


$65 Friday Session (only)
$120 Saturday Sessions (only)
$170 Friday & Saturday Sessions
$12 Lunch on Saturday (optional)


Registration and payment are done on an individual basis. Please pick a workshop option from the drop down menu below. When filling out the registration form, make sure to indicate your lunch preference. Questions? Contact MNW Director of Community Education, Braden Pemberton at:

Workshop Options:
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Saturday Academy at MNW

Montessori Northwest is pleased to announce it has partnered with Saturday Academy, a non-profit group, associated with University of Portland. Saturday Academy facilitates hands-on classes and camps for school age children (grades 2-12). Our offering is titled, Triangles on the Nile: Ancient Tools for Today’s Design.

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MNW Staff Holiday Movie Favorites

The images below are of the MNW staff's favorite holiday movies. Each staff member was only allowed to name one as their top pick. A couple favored the same film. Everyone had reasons for their choice, although some needed a little more explaining than others. What movie gets you into the holiday spirit?

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Thoughtful Holiday Gift Ideas

Do you want to avoid succumbing to consumer madness during the holidays? Do you have a hard time thinking of meaningful gifts to give to family and friends?  If so, here’s a list of thoughtful things you can do with or for loved ones without breaking the bank or camping out in a parking lot for three days.

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