MNW in the U.P.

In case you don't know, UP stands for Upper Peninsula (the part of Michigan that is like Wisconsin's hat), which is where MNW Director of Elementary Training, Elise Huneke-Stone, recently presented a two day workshop called "An Exploration of Writing" as part of the Elementary Alumni Association (AMI-EAA) Annual Summer Conference. Elise's workshop had participants playing a variety of writing games designed to inspire elementary children to experiment with writing--so that they will discover that writing is creative, enjoyable, safe, and interesting. “In my experience,” says Elise, “adults need this assurance more than children do, but an adult who is uncomfortable with writing is less able to inspire children to take pleasure in it.” 

When asked what she learned at the this energetic and hands on workshop, EAA member, Marty Shepard, summed it up, "Think outside the box! Do activities to generate ideas and writing topics. Writing is recording life. Give them life experiences so they can write with ease, enthusiasm, expression, and energy. Writing is fun!"

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  Left & Top Right:  Participants learning writing games.  Bottom Right:  The PNW contingent attending the conference.

Left & Top Right: Participants learning writing games. Bottom Right: The PNW contingent attending the conference.

Posted on July 21, 2014 and filed under Elementary, From MNW Staff.