Montessori Heaven

Below is the introduction to the Special Appeal given by Maria Garcia, Lead Guide at Alder Montessori, during the 2016 Celebration of Light. 

It is with great JOY that I welcome all of you, supporters of Montessori Education & MNW to our Celebration of Light.

After a long career as a Montessori educator, MNW has given me the opportunity to be the proud lead guide at its new revolutionary project: Alder Montessori; the first collaboration to establish a pre-school program, between a community of organizations: Reynolds School District, Alder Elementary, "I Have a Dream" Oregon, and Montessori Northwest.

Maria, Janet, and children of Alder Montessori

Maria, Janet, and children of Alder Montessori

When I began working in this project, the MNW community: its student body; teacher trainers; administration; staff and friends, poured their hearts out, giving of their time and resources to support the creation of a NEW Montessori community. The feeling of excitement; the enthusiasm with the possibilities, made me remark many times that I was in Montessori Heaven!

The Alder Montessori project has captured the hearts of so many of us, wishing, not only to expand Montessori education into a wider community, who otherwise would not have this wonderful opportunity; but also to return to Maria Montessori’s original roots: The first Casa dei Bambini in the San Lorenzo Quarters.

The continuous development of the Montessori system needs first and foremost the transformation of the minds, hearts and attitudes of the adult: your neighbor; your mother; your sister; your friend; your community. This transformation will provide the ideal conditions the child needs to develop to its fullest potential. That child is your son or daughter; your grandchild; your nephew or niece. In Montessori’s own words: “It is the child who makes the man, and NO man exists who was not made by the child he once was”

Since 1979 Montessori NW has devoted its life to providing our community with dedicated adults who understand, not only the principles guiding the development of the human being; but how to build a specially prepared environment to assist the child in gaining mastery over his own life. For this remarkable development to occur, quality teacher training is an essential condition.

MNW does a lot of its work sustaining itself through tuition which covers around 80% of its costs, while the rest comes from the generosity of our community of supporters. We invite all of you to reflect in the interdependency of all these causes and conditions which allows our community to thrive: generosity that allows all of us to be here, to participate in the highest endeavor of all, to prepare our children to build their own future!


Posted on February 4, 2016 .