Public School Standards for the Elementary Classroom


As elementary guides know, part of our job in the classroom is to help the children balance freedom to choose their work with responsibility for choosing wisely, and one of the tools we have at our disposal is the local School Standards. We are obliged to provide these standards for the children to use, but any guide who has taken a look at recent iterations of these standards will realize that they require a great deal of modification before they can be understood and used by the children. In fact, my experience is that each iteration of standards is longer, more specific, and more difficult for the children to understand!

In order to meet this need in my own classroom, I worked hard this spring to adapt my local standards into a form that the children can use. As it would be silly to ask every guide to duplicate this work, they are now publicly available at The Montessori Gardener. These documents are based on the school standards in Washington state, but my hope is that guides will find them easy to adapt to their local standards. Use them well!

Alexa Mater is a mathematician and the elementary guide at The Eastside Montessori School in Bellevue, Washington. She is a native of Portland, OR, and a former Upper Elementary student of MNW’s own Elise Huneke-Stone.

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Posted on September 3, 2014 .