Excuse me, have you ever heard of Nice School?


Recently, we heard form Laura Piskor, a graduate of MNW and former administrative assistant at the training center. After teaching in New Zealand, working as pie baker, and a yoga instructor, she's back to guiding a classroom in Chicago. Laura was kind enough to share the following experience with us:

I introduced the poem, 'Nasty School' by Shel Silverstein a few weeks ago. We all thought it was very silly. Afterward, the children and I had a short discussion about how we were in a nice school, not a nasty school. Then, my assistant, Ben Harris, took it a step further. During our afternoon program, he sat down with some of the children and they went through Nasty School line by line. They brainstormed what a nice school would be like and tried to come up with the opposite idea or the nice version for each line. With the children's suggestions in hand, Ben then put it all together and made it into a poem. I was really impressed with their creativity throughout the entire process.

Excuse me, have you heard of Nice School?
They teach nice things, and have nice rules.
They only take the nice and polite,
And never accept children who fight.
— excerpt from 'Nice School'
Posted on August 6, 2014 .