Saturday Academy at MNW

Montessori Northwest is pleased to announce it has partnered with Saturday Academy, a non-profit group, associated with University of Portland. Saturday Academy facilitates hands-on classes and camps for school age children (grades 2-12). Our offering is titled, Triangles on the Nile: Ancient Tools for Today’s Design. Spanning three Saturdays (2/28, 3/7, & 3/14), MNW staff, Merrett Krahn and Braden Pemberton, will be the instructors, overseeing current Elementary students, who will be giving lessons to the children. 

In order for the folks at Saturday Academy to become more familiar with Montessori, Director of Elementary training, Elise Huneke-Stone, presented at their annual Teacher Development Workshop last week. Her workshop focused on “hands-on learning” and demonstrating how Montessori uses materials that can be manipulated with the hand to teach concepts like area, squaring, time zones, and more.

If you know a second or third grader who’d be interested in taking this class, please pass along the info below.  

Class Info

What:  Triangles on the Nile: Ancient Tools for Today’s Design
Where:  Montessori Northwest, 622 SE Grand Avenue Portland, OR 97214
When:  February 28, March 7, and March 14  10:00am - Noon
For:  Second & Third Graders
Description:  Travel 2,000 years into the past as you explore how Ancient Egyptians developed basic geometric principles. Investigate geometry through history, language, and mathematics while using the basic concepts of equivalence, congruence and similarity. Students will learn how to measure farming plots like Ancient Egyptians and work in small groups to create unique design projects. Delve into the Pythagorean Theorem and Euclid’s Elements through hands-on discoveries.
Cost:  $89
Spots: 16

Click here to register for the class through Saturday Academy.

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