The "Practice Society"

By Elise Huneke-Stone

Children in the second plane have what Montessori described as a “special sensitivity for the acquisition of culture.” This understanding was at the core of the discussion during Elise Huneke-Stone’s recent NAMTA workshop in Seattle: The “Practice Society.” Participants in this workshop looked at how the elementary classroom offers children an invaluable opportunity to use their reasoning minds and imaginations to explore how communities live, work, and create their own culture. Within this “practice society,” children navigate social and moral experiences that prepare them for global citizenship. Click here to view some of Elise’s presentation slides.

Another highlight of the elementary portion of the conference came during Gerry Leonard’s workshop, “Bringing Cosmic Fables to Life.” Listening to a good story is a universally loved human activity, and Gerry reminded us of how storytelling has a special place in our elementary practice. Next, participants were invited to write their own stories after hearing several inspiring tales from Gerry. One of the participants, Lisa Thauvette from International Montessori in Tevuren, Belgium, shared a wonderful story about Louis Braille, inventor of the Braille alphabet. Click here to read and download Lisa’s story

Posted on November 24, 2014 and filed under Elementary, Resources, From MNW Staff.