“Survey! Survey! Come Getcha Survey!”

As Community Network Coordinator, I’m helping lead the charge in developing and executing several goals outlined in MNW’s ambitious Strategic Plan. One big project at the moment is a campaign of three critical surveys whose data will reveal important information about Montessori Northwest’s subsequent next-steps.

School Survey
The overarching goal of our Strategic Plan drives at making Montessori available to more families. In order to measure MNW’s progress, it is essential we have quantifiable data on how many children in the state of Oregon are benefiting from Montessori programs. A survey is currently in the hands of every Montessori Head of School across the state asking them to look at 2012-2013 enrollment numbers.

Alumni Survey
The collaborative energy of Montessori Northwest’s 800+ alumni is also needed to achieve the goals outlined in the Strategic Plan. A survey was recently sent to help determine how alumni can best get involved, in addition to providing their feedback on the developing Montessori Northwest Alumni Association (MNWAA).

Student Hosting Survey
A central component of Student training is the experience of observation and practice teaching in AMI prepared environments. MNW seeks to strengthen this dynamic relationship. A survey to Heads of School and Teachers who host our students has been distributed to gather the perspectives and opinions from this very important constituency.

You can plug into all this exciting work too. Please ensure that Montessori Northwest has your current contact information. Feel free to email me with an update. I wish you a healthy and prosperous Winter!

With Warm Regards--Jeff Friedman
Posted on December 3, 2013 .