Welcome to Some Special Visitors!

Montessori Northwest lives up to its reputation this week as being a bustling hub of activity. In the upcoming days we’re playing host to a few noteworthy visitors.


First, Elementary Course 2 welcomes guest lecturer Alison Awes, Director of Elementary Training at the Montessori Center of Minnesota in St. Paul. Alison is in town to offer a NAMTA workshop about working with children with dyslexia in a Montessori environment on Thursday.  While she's in Portland she will give math and geometry presentations on the Elementary Course for two days while Elise and the rest of the elementary staff do the final album checks for the history albums and prepare for the next round of observation and practice teaching.


Also visiting MNW this week are the Senior Associate & Director of Research and the Founding Director of the National Center for Montessori in the Public Sector;  Jackie Cossentino and Keith Whitescarver.  Keith and Jackie are on a Pacific NW Tour to visit Montessori Public School programs, promote the Montessori Census Project, as well as connect with Training Centers like ours.


Lastly, we have some special guests visiting from our cooperative partners. Ms. Brenda Jones with Marylhurst University and Jack Rice with Loyola University Maryland. (Did you know that that students who participate in one of these cooperative programs can apply directly to the cooperating institution for financial aid after admission to that program. This financial aid can cover the cost of the AMI course and the additional cost of the Master’s Degree or Bachelor Degree completion program.)

Brenda and Jack will also be on hand at Tuesday, March 11th’s Open House to answer questions and meet new prospective students.

We look forward to welcoming these colleagues, as well as many other people in the upcoming days!