What's next for Ginni Sackett? Something to celebrate!


Last week, here at Montessori Northwest in Portland, we hosted a Celebratory Reception for MNW Primary Trainer Ginni Sackett.  We celebrated Ginni's past and present with MNW, and her future with the world of AMI. We will relish finishing this summer's Primary Course together,  and then (like the cake said) wish her well with much LOVE and GRATITUDE as she moves on to her next adventure.

The Association Montessori International (AMI) announced Ginni's next step in a recent Circular to all Trainers.  Read on for details!

Dear Trainers,

The first Circular of 2017 year was written to draw your attention to AMI’s search to fill two new management positions, one of which carried the title of Pedagogical Director, reporting to the AMI Executive Director—a new appointment to underpin and reinforce the pedagogical policy, direction and quality assurance for all pedagogical programmes available through AMI.

Having read the profile of the Pedagogical Director you will agree that the position was a tall order to fill and it gives me, as AMI Executive Director, and also on behalf of the AMI Board, great pleasure to announce that in Ginni Sackett we have found exactly the person we were looking for. Ginni’s proven pedagogical ‘track record’, her professional and academic background and leadership skills, will enable her to support the day-to-day work at the AMI Head Office and, when approached, to contribute to the public presence of AMI and its Montessori Early Childhood Education programmes. Having found a candidate with all the essential qualities and experience required facilitated the selection process enabling us to settle the appointment within the 6 months we had originally anticipated. We at AMI wish Ginni well as she embarks on the challenges this career change will bring with it.

Ginni will relocate to Amsterdam to assume the position at the beginning of January 2018. She is no stranger to our city, but actually living here in the Netherlands will give her the opportunity to get to know better Montessori’s ‘second home’ and delight in the heritage and cultural of the Dutch capital and its surroundings.

In closing, we would like to congratulate Ginni on the appointment and say how much we are looking forward to working closely with her in the future, as we know you will, too. On a personal note, this new position within our organization is a long-awaited step which will allow me to concentrate on the growing global initiatives, planning, funding and outreach which have become major areas of AMI’s expansion strategy.

Yours sincerely,


Lynne Lawrence, Executive Director


Since becoming a Trainer in 2002, Ginni has worked hard to ensure that MNW is so much more than just one level of training with one fabulous trainer.  Explore our staff pages to discover more about our levels of training and staff throughout the region.

Many thanks to community members who shared their well wishes and happy memories in person or in writing.  Here are pictures from the celebratory reception!

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