“Where's your sign?”

Since moving into our new beautiful facility at 622 SE Grand in late 2012, we hear the question “Where’s your sign?” quite often. And it’s no wonder—We don't currently have an external sign letting folks know where our training center is located.

No, this is not our attempt at being coy. Let me explain:

The building within which Montessori Northwest currently resides holds a historical designation with the city of Portland. This identification is given to properties that are deemed significant due to their age, provenance, or historical relevance.  Zoning a building or district as “Historic” safeguards that these special locations will be preserved for future use and appreciation.

In order to make structural changes to Historic Buildings, say like installing a large illuminated sign, a series of regulations has been put in place; including reviews by both a Design and Historic Resource team, notices sent to neighborhood associations, contacting nearby property owners for approval, a public comment period, and plenty of forms and paperwork.

But there’s no need to fret as we’re making great progress in having our exterior signage approved. Imbedded in this post are a few of the very-lifelike proposed designs that are currently under consideration. Don’t be surprised if one day soon you spot a beautiful Montessori Northwest sign glowing atop our building!

Posted on April 24, 2014 and filed under Portland, From MNW Staff.