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Volunteers Needed

Planning for January 30th’s Celebration of Light, Montessori Northwest’s annual dinner and party (more on that here), is in full swing. For 10 years the event has been a fabulously sparkly recognition of MNW’s work and the work of all Montessorians in the Pacific Northwest. This year’s Celebration will feature live music, games, a photo booth, open bar, and delicious dinner.

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MNW Staff Holiday Movie Favorites

The images below are of the MNW staff's favorite holiday movies. Each staff member was only allowed to name one as their top pick. A couple favored the same film. Everyone had reasons for their choice, although some needed a little more explaining than others. What movie gets you into the holiday spirit?

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The Life and Times of Maria Montessori

Did you know a "higher power" played an integral role in Maria Montessori getting into medical school? Or that the first Montessori Training College in Italy was founded by a man who'd ultimately be reviled around the globe? Where was the term Cosmic Education born, or Maria Montessori for that matter? Learn about the life and times of Maria Montessori in this highly informative timeline. Where do you fit in? Click on image below to view the entire timeline.

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