Bells scales

In "Sensorial Album," you will see that there are some jpg files for the Bells scales.   The trainers will discuss their use with you tomorrow.

Posted on November 13, 2017 .

Daily Schedule and Theory handouts

In "General Info", the Daily Schedule for October into November is posted. 

In "Theory Album",  documents related to Independence, Collective Stage, and Indoor/Outdoors are now available.

Posted on October 10, 2017 .

Theory documents

In "Theory Album," the following are now available:

  • New and improved Theory Album Check Sheet (last version of this, I swear)
  • The Montessori Adult - theory text
  • The Prepared Environment - theory text
  • Glossary of Theory Terms - a word document for you to fill in with your own simple definitions as the course progresses and for you to format as you please, 
Posted on September 15, 2017 .

A few little changes to "General Info" documents

Nothing earth-shattering, but here's a few updates:

Weekly Assignment Schedule - Instructions on first page revised for clarity.  Also fixed a weird date in December (thank you to the student who caught this and told me!)

Student Handbook- Handbook uploaded and reflects the November 10 closure for Veteran's Day

Posted on September 8, 2017 .

Language Album Documents

In "Language Album" there are two more documents available.  One of them, Introduction to Language, you will read for Monday September 11.  Please note that only the first 8 pages ("Part I") need to be read for that Monday!


Posted on September 7, 2017 .

More documents up to guide you for this week and weeks to come

I've added several documents for you to engage with when you're ready.

In the section called "General"  :

-Weekly Assignment Schedule (I've also displayed a copy of this on the white board by my office)

-Precis - How to


In the "Theory" section:

-Precis - How to (I don't really know why I have it in two places... I just do :)  )

-Sensitive Periods

-Introduction to Observation - On Observing Children



In the "Language Album section:

-Language Album Check Sheet - Spoken Language

-Presentation Outlines - Spoken Language


Posted on September 6, 2017 .

You found it!

Welcome to the Announcements page of your student area of the website.  You'll want to check this Announcements page regularly as this is where we'll share with you any new or updated documents. Please take some time to click around to see what's here in your course's area. We'll make more documents available throughout the course.  

Please follow the instructions below to help prepare for the first day of the course.  There are 4 documents we would like you to read by Wednesday, September 6.  

1)  For the very first day of class, just bring something to write with and something to write on. You'll be getting a copy of the Student Handbook at the Orientation - it would be great to have that on hand here your first few days as well.   You may wish to bring a lunch, snack, or beverage.  While food is not permitted in our model classroom or lecture area, you are welcome to have a beverage in a sealed watertight container.

2)  In terms of preparing for the coming week, course, and the first assignment, take a look at the "Daily Schedule" document (You'll find it under the "General" tab here on this area of the website). This daily schedule shows what we will be doing each day for the next couple of weeks. I recommend printing this document for your reference. We will also display a master copy here at MNW near my office.

2) The Daily Schedule shows that on the first day of class we'll do some orientation activities and Wednesday we'll look at two Theory Album topics. 

3) Wednesday's topics are Theory Album: Historical Perspective and Human Tendencies.  Please come to class prepared to fully participate in class discussion and activities related to these topics.   To prepare, go to the "Theory Album" tab here on this area of the website. Click through to see documents related to these topics.  For Wednesday, you'll read:

  • Montessori Education: An Historical Perspective
  • History - Montessori in America: the first 100 years
  • History - Montessori in America: the current revival
  • Human Tendencies

4)  Wednesday, please bring a printed copy of these documents to class with you.


Bonus note: We'll talk more about this in class, but the "Theory Album Check Sheet" in the "Theory Album" section indicates what all the Theory related readings and assignments are.  In that same section are the "Concept Bibliography" and "Supplementary Bibliography."  You'll also see, in the "General" section, information on Reading Seminars. Please always feel free to read ahead or do extra reading using handouts we make available, books you own, or MNW library books ! 


Posted on August 31, 2017 .