Clarified documents

Whoops.  Fixed all of this yesterday, and failed to then publish this announcement!  (Sorry)

Weekly Assignment Schedule -  This document, with a footer indicating an update on September 8, is still what you'll want to be using.  I've not revised anything (I hear there was some confusion?).    Be sure to always peek at the Master Copy by my office to be sure you've captured any changes that we've discussed in class. We will let you know when the 2018 Weekly Assignment Schedule is available.

Updated Daily Schedule for December - This link has been corrected.

Language Presentation Outlines - This link has been corrected.   ( Insider tip:  If a link on here is ever funky, try just going to the Google Drive to find what you're seeking.  Of course, I do always want to know if a link is wrong, but just sayin'...  )



Posted on December 5, 2017 .