Schedule notes, prompts for practice writing, and more

Just received word that there will be some elementary staff here 10-2 on Saturday 4/28.  You're welcome to come in if you like.  Monday, April 30 you'll want to have your Language Material Making set up on the Assistants to Infancy grown up tables.  Perhaps you'd like to come in prior to then to set yours up.

In "Other," among the exam documents, you'll see a document that you might choose to use as a way to practice writing and synthesizing ideas. I'll be putting more items up in this section, as well as on the white board and in the student reference shelves.  AMI has some specific guidelines about written exams which I've shared as well.  There's a lot of detail in them, however please rest assured that staff will orient you and guide you and you don't need to feel bogged down by the detail.

You might notice some of these documents will also have chinese on them.  This is reflective of our 2015-17 bilingual summer course.  A couple students from that course will be joining us for the remainder of the course, and these bilingual documents will be helpful for them.  I'll put some pictures up in the student lounge with the names of these 2 bilingual students and 2 other students who are joining us as well for review and exams.


Posted on April 25, 2018 .