Downloadable documents related to various aspects of the course, exams, cooperative programs, and other miscellany.  Please notify if a link is missing or not functioning correctly.  The Student Handbook is the primary resource for information on Academic and Administrative Requirements.


Material Making

Language Material Making Assignment Form

Photos of the assignment on the windowsill:   Object Boxes,  Poetry Book,   Simple Set,   Complete Set,   Function of Words

Language Destinations and Tips for Material Making

Bonus Language Material Making tips on font and size for slips (particularly for earliest reading like object boxes and 3 part cards)

Shopping Destinations for Material Making (particularly Practical Life and Sensorial)

Practical Life and Sensorial Material Making Assignment Form - print, fill out, display with materials


Observation Guidelines

Useful Information - MNW Observation and Practice Teaching

Hours Sheet - use the same single copy for both Observation Sessions

Tasks - For Session I

Collective Stage Lesson Planning - blank form - For Observation task during Session I (Day 8)

Observation Assignment form - An overview of your written requirements - print and fill out student portion to submit with each session's assignment.


Loyola Information

Loyola Graduate Learning Goals

Primary Course Evaluation Criteria - 2017


Practice Teaching Guidelines