Downloadable pdfs related to the Theory Album.  Please notify if a link is missing or not functioning correctly. The Student Handbook is the primary resource for information regarding the Theory Album and general Academic Requirements.



Theory Check Sheet - rev 9-14-17


Precis - How to (Do not include in album)



Montessori Education - Historical Perspective

Montessori in America: the first 100 years

Montessori in America: the current revival


Human Tendencies


Four Planes

Four Planes - Charts (print in color)

Four Planes - Loose Pieces (do not include in album)


Absorbent Mind


Sensitive Periods


Normalization and Deviations




Freedom and Discipline


Social Development


Montessori and Imagination


Introduction to Observation: On Observing Children

      How to Record an Observation Event


The Prepared Environment


Harmonizing the Indoor and Outdoor Environment


The Montessori Adult


Science in the Casa

Laura Johnson Article

Gretchen Hall NAMTA Journal Article (Can stop reading when you get to the 6-12 section)


Positive Communication (also known as Positive Phrasing)


The Collective Stage of the Group

       Collective Stage Lesson Planning - sample

       Collective Stage Lesson Planning - blank



Introduction to Inclusive Education

Inclusion in Montessori Communities

Inclusion - Story about Sid

Inclusion - Parent Teacher Conferences

Autism Spectrum Information


Working with Parents

Working with Parents - Outline

Parents as Partners - article from Sarah Werner Andrews

Bridge of Trust -  by Jon Snyder


Working with Assistants

Teacher Assistant Communication

Roles - by Annette Haines

Montessori Practices for Assistants - from Cathy Swan


Observation - Lesson Planning - Record Keeping


Preparing for the Start of School

Normalizing the Conditions

Getting Started


Glossary of Theory Terms (word document)

Concept Bibliography

Supplementary Bibliography