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> Joined MNW in 2016
> AMI Elementary Diploma, CISM, 1990
> AMI Primary Diploma, MNW, 2016
> 23 years experience in elementary classrooms
> AMI-EAA Board Member - served as publications coordinator and chair
> AMI-USA & AMI-EAA Steering Committee for the Common Core project
> Worked in and with Montessori private, public, and charter schools across Alaska, Yukon, Minnesota, Washington, and Oregon as a guide, administrator, and advisor.

What I do at MNW
I get to work with, and support adults who are beginning their Montessori elementary journey – and I get to do it with a fantastic group of colleagues! Most days I can be found employing my literacy skills: reading, writing, speaking, and singing with adults.

What I like about MNW
I am happy to have landed amongst a warm, welcoming, and collegial staff at MNW; and I love working with an organization that has big work to do and makes daily progress toward its goals.

A favorite destination
Anywhere in the far north – but really - have ticket will travel.

A time of day
Break of day. You know that moment - when starlight fades to the first rays of sunup and the morning choir begins to sing.

Proudest work
Hands down, my daughter.

Surprising skill
I was a public radio dj for 20 years. On my regular gig, I played "old and new, trad and progressive, blue- to new-grass, mostly acoustic and unexpected, uprooted folk music for ears wide open". Had fun subbing on other shows where I turned tables of blues, Broadway, Latin, and classical. Loved talking with musicians and taking requests. Still do, I guess.

Coast or Mountains?
Both. Until recently, I’ve lived most of my life somewhere in the borderlands with my toes in the north Pacific and my back at the Coastal Mountains. This spoiled my ability to make a binary choice.


Chris Trostel grew up the Pacific Northwest with family roots reaching back to gold rush days in Nome, Alaska and homestead days in Washington and Oregon. Her undergraduate degree is in Recreation and Parks’ Management with an emphasis in experiential education, with further studies in anthropology and English from Western Washington University and Huxley College of Environmental Studies. After working for several years as a naturalist in rural and urban locations across the U.S., Chris earned a Masters’ of Science in Education from the University of Wisconsin. She conducted research while living and teaching with her husband Rick in the traditional Yup’ik village of Manokotak, Alaska.  Later, Chris and Rick traveled with their infant daughter to Bergamo, Italy where they took their diplomas in Montessori elementary education under the guidance of Camillo Grazzini and Baiba Krumins. She recently received her primary diploma from MNW. With her family’s love and support, Chris has guided elementary classrooms, founded schools, and worked as an administrator in Minnesota, Alaska, and Oregon. When she has precious moments to spare, Chris wishes to be with friends and family, in the garden, at the loom, knitting, baking, and is usually humming a merry tune.