Janet dominguez Ortiz

Classroom ASSISTANT                          

Alder Elementary

portland, OR

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> Joined MNW in 2015
> AMI A to I Diploma, MNW, 2013
> 2 years as A to I Guide
> Over four years of teaching assistant experience in Montessori environments and PPS
> 14 years of baggage handler experience for SkyWest Airlines in Portland

What I do at MNW
I am the Alder Montessori Assistant who will be assisting youth and families from diverse backgrounds/experiencing poverty in varied capacities and settings.

What I like about MNW
The warm and friendly atmosphere.

A book (or book series)
Aztec by Gary Jennings.

A favorite food
Rice, hard-boiled eggs, homemade tortillas and guajillo salsa.

A hobby
Walking in the woods.

A favorite destination
Egypt: Riding a camel before sunset to enjoy a magnificent view of the Great Pyramids of Giza, as well as the mystical and melodious Call to Prayer rising from hundreds of mosques at the same time.

Words to live by
Humility, humbleness, and respect.