kate andrade




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> Joined MNW in 2015
> AMI Primary Diploma, MTCNC, 2013

What I do at MNW
I am the Course Assistant to the Primary training program in San Francisco.

What I like about MNW
I love MNW's dedication to the greater need for Montessori education and their understanding of the work and preparation that is needed for this to happen.

A hobby
I love to sing, especially in a choir.

Dogs or cats?
My favorite thing is to go to new places with my husband and my two dogs.

A favorite destination
New Hampshire. I spent my summers there with extended family and grandparents. It is magical.

Favorite food
Anything with peanut butter or avocados!

School subject
History. I loved learning about past mistakes, how we can learn from them, and how those made hundreds of years ago still affect us today.