MARA Castro

classroom Aide

alder Montessori

Portland, OR

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> Joined MNW in 2016
> Masters in Environmental Health from the University of Puerto Rico, 2014
> Bachelor in Coastal Marine Biology from University of Puerto Rico
> Worked as a science teacher assistant
> Worked as an environmental educator providing tours and workshops to local community and students

What I do at MNW
I am the classroom aide at the Alder Montessori classroom. I assist in preparing and maintaining the classroom along with supporting the children in their daily routines.

What I like about MNW
My favorite thing about MNW is the positive environment. Everybody is very friendly and welcoming. My favorite thing about Alder is to see the children engaged in their work and be greeted with hugs and smiles in the morning!

A favorite destination
My favorite destination is Bali. I love the island’s beautiful culture, amazing landscapes and friendly people.

A hobby
I love making watercolor and ink illustrations of wildlife.

A favorite food
My favorite food is a Puerto Rican dish called Mofongo de Pollo (Mashed plantain with creole sauce stuffed with chicken, delicious!)

Words to live by
“Best things in life aren’t things.”

Coast or mountains
Coast! Especially the beautiful beaches of Puerto Rico.