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Maria garcia

Lead guide

alder montessori

Portland, or

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> Joined MNW in 2015
> AMI Primary Diploma, WMI, 1978
> AMI A to I Diploma, MNW, 2009
> M.Ed., Loyola, 2011
> ? years as A to I Guide
> ? years as Primary Guide
> Consultant and continued education presenter for parents and teachers on Montessori pedagogy and improvement of classroom management and design at both Primary and A to I levels.
> Administrative director of a Buddhist Meditation Center developing community education programs in Puerto Rico.

What I do at MNW
I am the Guide at Alder Montessori, MNW's new early learning program.

What I like about MNW
As a new staff member I love the warm collaborative atmosphere of MNW staff and students in our work for children. For me: Montessori heaven!

Favorite destination
Visiting my two precious toddler granddaughters, one in D.C. & one in France. I Also love road trips with my husband in the Pacific Northwest.

A surprising skill
I was an avid snorkeler and sailor while living in Puerto Rico, and explored many small and beautiful Caribbean islands.

A hobby
I love photography of natural environments and also photographing children engaged in meaningful work.

Words to live by
I love eastern philosophy and psychology as ways to improve my mind and heart

Proudest work
Working with the children, both mine and others. I belive its the most meaningful work anyone could ever do!