Masters Degree

Students training with Montessori Northwest are eligible to apply their coursework towards an M.Ed. This is a great way to efficiently meet your education goals. Start your application with us to join an M.Ed cohort.
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Montessori Northwest has a cooperative program with Loyola University Maryland. MNW Applicants who plan to participate in this program should contact the Loyola Program Director, Jack Rice, for more details at 410.617.7765

Application Deadlines for Loyola University Maryland:

  • For MNW courses that begin in summer, priority application deadline for Loyola is March 15.
  • For MNW courses that follow the academic year format and begin in September, priority deadline for Loyola is August 15.

For more information and application materials, please visit Loyola University's website.

Montessori Northwest is happy to help support you as you apply to Loyola University Baltimore.

Whitworth University M.Ed Program - Summer Elementary Only

Students in the Spokane Summer Elementary course have the option of simultaneously participating in our cooperative degree program. This program is available at the graduate level: a Master’s Degree with Emphasis in Montessori Education through Whitworth University in Spokane, Washington, where the summer elementary course is held. Montessori courses meet on campus during the summer; core education courses are available on campus or online.   Participation in this program also allows qualifying students to apply for federal financial aid (see section on Financial Aid).

The AMI Montessori course (and the AMI Observation and Practice Teaching requirements) can also be applied as graduate credit toward a Washington state teaching certification.    


For more information about the Whitworth graduate programs:  
Graduate Studies in Education