Documents available

Hope you successfully received and accepted the Google Drive invite I sent this morning.

There are now various documents available for you here under the tabs for "General," "Theory," and "Language".  These items will all be useful to you in the first days and weeks of the course (see below for more detail).  As I mentioned, there will be more documents and links made available as the course continues.

Did you notice the beautiful Chinese characters beside some of the headings and documents here?  Several members of this course have chosen to come to Montessori Northwest all the way from Taiwan.  Most of these incoming Taiwanese students already have a substantial amount of experience with Montessori Education. While they will have a translator with them, many members of this Taiwanese cohort know a goodly amount of English as well. Looking forward to having members of the global Montessori community converge here for the summer!

Please follow the instructions below to help prepare for some of the earliest class activities.   There are two documents here on the student area of the website we would like you to read by Thursday 6/18.  

1)  Look at the "Daily Schedule" document (You'll find it under the "General" tab). This shows what we will be doing each day for the next few weeks. I recommend printing this document to keep for your reference, we'll also display one here at MNW.

2) The Daily Schedule shows that on the first day of class we'll do some orientation activities.  From Thursday onward, you'll see headings indicating work related to the "Theory Album." 

3) Calendar items that say "Theory Album" and then list a particular Montessori Theory topic,  means we would like you to come to class prepared to discuss this specific topic.  To prepare for the in-class discussion and activities, please read the relevant documents. For Thursday 6/18, you can find these documents under the "Theory Album" tab.   The Thursday documents are "Montessori Education: An Historical Perspective"  and "Human Tendencies."

4) For Thursday, please read and bring a printed copy of these documents with you. 


5) Please be patient with me and with yourself as you become oriented to how the documents (schedules, check sheets, etc) all work together.   :)  


Posted on June 11, 2015 .