Documents up for mid July


Various documents are now available:


In "Other":  A document you might find helpful as you write up presentations that involve Analyzed Movements.  It is called "Useful Verbs for Write-ups."  No need to include in your album or anything


Theory Album:

Collective Stage  ( 共同管理的階段 ) : main handout (English and Chinese) and 2 additional handouts

Independence  ( 獨立 ) :  main handout (English and Chinese) and a pdf of the related chapter from What You Should Know about your Child


Practical Life Album:

Care of the Person: Helps to Self Toileting


Sensorial Album:

Sensorial Album Check Sheet, 感官工作手冊確認單

Sensorial Album Presentation Outlines (Mandarin coming soon)



Posted on July 2, 2015 .