Many links now active. Loyola link fixed.

1) Thank you to the student who let me know that one of the documents for Loyola (in "Other") directed to the wrong document.  This sort of thing happens sometimes and is easy to fix...  especially if someone tells me there is a problem :)  

2) Many links are now active for various documents for the upcoming weeks.  These include:

  • Mandarin language translated documents
    • Translated documents for the first 3 or so weeks of the course (including last week's ones, which I printed for you) are now available for you to download.  Watch for even more tomorrow.
    • I will continue to print for you the main Theory Lectures  理論講義.  I will three hole punch these and place them in your mailbox for you to include the notebook/Bound Theory Collection that you received in your locker the first day of class.  Watch your classroom mailbox for these printed items.
  • Course documents for the weeks to come (English and, when possible, Mandarin) are available.  I'm happy to list them here, yet I think you will always find that the documents are basically simply made available chronologically at least 1-2 weeks before they will be used in class:
    • "General" tab:  Mandarin translation of Reading Seminar 3 text (from a book not published in Mandarin)
    • "Theory Album" tab:
      • Observing Children;  How to Record and Observation Event 
      • Adult Work, Child Work; Adult Interaction Styles; Positive Phrasing
      • Montessori Presentation
    • "Practical Life Album" tab:
      • PL Introduction
      • PL Check Sheet
      • PL Presentation Outlines
      • Making the Ellipse (Control and Coordination of Movement - Walking on the Line)
    • "Language Album" tab:
      • 3 supplemental Language Introduction handouts (Heron article, two handouts on Preparation for Writing and for Reading)
      • Sound Game - Sounds used in American English
      • Sandpaper Letters - Key Sounds for Sandpaper Letters


Posted on June 24, 2015 .