Downloadable documents related to the Language Album.  Please notify if a link is missing or not functioning correctly. The Student Handbook is the primary resource for information regarding Reference Albums and general Academic Requirements.


Language Check Sheet

語言區手冊檢點表 Bilingual Check Sheet


Language Presentation Outlines (Word document),  Bilingual Presentation Outlines



Handouts  (講義)

Introduction to the Language Area, 語言教育導論 Bilingual version

not for album - link to Corinne's online book list ( if link doesn't work, go to and search for the wish list of )

Sound Game - Sounds Used in American English

Sandpaper Letters - Key Sounds for Sandpaper Letters

Sandpaper Letters - Tracing Guide for Sandpaper Letters

Handwriting - Activities for Chalk and Pencil手寫:粉筆與鉛筆的活動

Handwriting - Learning to Write, Writing to Learn - by Linda Spencer

Handwriting - Benefits of Learning Cursive - by William Klemm

Phonograms - List of Alternate Spellings

Function of Words - Symbols for Practice (print in color,  cut out for first day of Function of Words section, no need to include in album)

Reading Analysis - Arrows and Symbols for Practice (print in color, cut out for first day of Reading Analysis section, no need to include in album)


Introduction to Music簡介音樂教育 Bilingual Intro to Music


Cultural Extensions 文化延伸活動