Downloadable documents related to various aspects of the course, exams, cooperative programs, and other miscellany.  Please notify if a link is missing or not functioning correctly.  The Student Handbook is the primary resource for information on Academic and Administrative Requirements.


Material Making

Self-Evaluation sheets for Practical Life and Sensorial Material Making

Self-Evaluation sheet for Language Material Making (Bilingual)

Resources for Material Making - Pretty specific to Practical Life and Sensorial

Some Portland Area Destinations for Language Material Making

Additional Helps for Language Materials

-Basic Thoughts on Printing and Cutting

-"How Sally Made the Language Cards" (tips on images, formatting, container, etc)

-Visual Overview of the Complete Set


Observation Guidelines

Optional letters to use:


Practice Teaching Guidelines 





Refer to the handbook for useful information related to procedure and assessment criteria for exams.

Extra Practice Log學生練習冊

Written Exams Review Tool - 10 Writing Prompts (bilingual)

Written Exams Review Questions - Day 1  (bilingual)

Written Exams Review Questions - Day 2  (bilingual)

Written Exams Review Questions - Day 3  (bilingual)

Written Exams Review Questions - Day 4  (bilingual)

Written Exams Review Questions - Day 5  (bilingual)


Oral Exams - Schedule of student exam times


Loyola Information