Downloadable documents related to various aspects of the course, exams, cooperative programs, and other miscellany.  Please notify if a link is missing or not functioning correctly.  The Student Handbook is the primary resource for information on Academic and Administrative Requirements.



Refer to the handbook for useful information related to procedure and assessment criteria for exams.

Written Exams Review Tool - 10 Writing Prompts (bilingual)

Written Exams Review Questions - Day 1  (bilingual)

Written Exams Review Questions - Day 2  (bilingual)

Written Exams Review Questions - Day 3  (bilingual)

Written Exams Review Questions - Day 4  (bilingual)

Written Exams Review Questions - Day 5  (bilingual)

AMI Guidelines for Written Exams  筆試相關指導方針


Oral Exams - Schedule of student exam times (updated July 5)

Extra Practice Log學生練習冊



Material Making

Self-Evaluation sheets for Practical Life and Sensorial Material Making

Self-Evaluation sheet for Language Material Making (Bilingual)

Resources for Material Making - Pretty specific to Practical Life and Sensorial

Some Portland Area Destinations for Language Material Making

Additional Helps for Language Materials

-Basic Thoughts on Printing and Cutting

-"How Sally Made the Language Cards" (tips on images, formatting, container, etc)

-Visual Overview of the Complete Set


Observation Guidelines

Optional letters to use:


Practice Teaching Guidelines 





Loyola Information