Preparing for in-class discussion and activities

Please follow the instructions below to help prepare for the first days of the course.  

1)  Take a look at the "Daily Schedule" document, found here under the "General" tab. This shows what we will be doing each day for the next few weeks. I recommend printing this document to keep for your reference.   I will also display one here at MNW.  It will be updated regularly.

2) You'll see that the second day of class, Wednesday 9/7, the group will be discussing two topics from the Theory Album.  

3) The expectation is that students come to class that day having already read the texts for those topics.  You will find texts with these titles in the "Theory Album" tab here in the student area of the website.   

4)  For Wednesday 9/7, bring a printed copy of the Historical Perspective document to class. For Human Tendencies, you can simply bring your Bound Theory Text Collection that you will receive at the Orientation/Open House.

5) Feel free to read ahead if you would like to prepare for the Four Planes and Reading Seminar later that week.

Posted on August 24, 2016 .

Welcome to your course website

You found it!  

This "Announcements" page will always point you toward any new content here in the Student Area.  You are encouraged to visit this page regularly.  If you are comfortable with RSS feeds, you can set up an alert if you like.

Once you have accepted my invitation to the Google Drive shared folder, you will be able to open active links here and interact with available course documents.  Because Google Drive and the links here on the website are interconnected, it is important to be signed into your Google account to be able to view, download, and print documents.  

Posted on August 1, 2016 .