Variety of documents available for this week, next week, and beyond


General - I've posted a pdf of the replacement page 45 for the Handbook.

Theory - Updated version of one of the handouts for The Collective Stage.  Read, print, and bring all handouts for this topic for this Friday as indicated on the Daily Schedule. 


Sensorial - Documents are ready for the beginning of Sensorial (Monday, October 17, as indicated on the Daily Schedule).  On Monday, please come to class having read and with printed copies of the Introduction, Check Sheet, and Presentation Outlines.  For the Presentation Outlines, it's fine to just bring the first few pages as we'll be focusing just on the Visual and Tactile Senses next week.


"Other" - Observation - All documents related to Observation are now ready.  These will be read, printed, and brought to class prior to Observation Session 1 (indicated on Daily Schedule)

"Other" - The Practical Life and Sensorial Material Making Self-Evaluation form is now available. 


Posted on October 12, 2016 .