School Sponsorships

Are you a school administrator seeking sustainable growth for your school community? Do you plan to launch an Assistants to Infancy program or to add additional Elementary classrooms? Do you have a dedicated individual in your community who would be a good fit for a future in teaching?

Looking for a sponsorship to take your Montessori training? Click here.

Sponsoring a qualified candidate for AMI training is one way to strengthen your school and invest its future. By recognizing the potential of talented individuals within your local community, you can match enthusiastic learners with high quality teacher training to provide stability for your own school and the children these future teachers will reach.

If you have the means to sponsor a teacher, but do not have the right candidate in your community, spread the word via our Job Board.

Consider creating a Go Fund Me for your community to foster a shared investment in high quality Montessori teacher training and the individuals you feel will best carry your community forward. Visit our Go Fund Me page for more details.

How Does it Work?

Each situation is unique, but the typical sponsorship agreement between a school a student attending MNW contains these components:

  • The candidate receives support in the form of a loan for Montessori training in return for a multi-year commitment to stay with the sponsoring school; usually two to three years.

  • The loan usually covers tuition and fees, and the candidate pays living expenses during the training period.

  • In some cases, the school may forgive a portion of the loan with each year of subsequent service rendered by the candidate. In others, the candidate pays back the loan by deducting a pro-rated amount from each paycheck over the term of the contract.

  • In the event of termination, the candidate is usually required to pay back the balance of the loan with interest calculated from the date of loan disbursement.

  • Download a sample agreement here.

Contact Montessori Northwest to discuss how sponsoring a student can prepare motivated members of your school community for life-changing careers in Montessori education.

Find A School Sponsorship

If you are seeking teacher training at Montessori Northwest, a school sponsorship could help cover tuition expenses and secure your first job.

Every year, Montessori Northwest receives requests from schools all over the world looking for teachers. Schools and organizations are always eager for qualified teachers and often will pay for your Montessori Northwest teacher training course, or even reimburse you after you graduate if you commit to work at their school.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorships are advertised on the MNW Job Board. Look for the brown sponsorship icon to find current sponsorship opportunities.

You might also find sponsorships anywhere Montessori jobs are listed including the following International, National and regional Montessori Associations. Contact schools advertising positions and inquire about a school sponsorship.