From Within: Sponsoring Students to Take their Training at Montessori Northwest

Are you a school administrator who has just learned that your Primary Guide is leaving? Does your school plan to start its first Assistants to Infancy program, or to add additional Elementary classrooms to retain graduating Primary students?

By sponsoring a student for their AMI training, you can plan wisely for your school’s future and ensure that you will have the highest quality teachers to make your school’s vision of excellence a reality. Many Montessori schools sponsor the training of candidates whom they feel are particularly qualified to become Montessori teachers. In many cases, these people have proven their reliability and commitment to a school through working as an assistant or as a parent volunteer.


How Does it Work?

Each situation is unique, but the typical sponsorship agreement (download a sample agreement here) between a school a student attending MNW contains these components:

  • The candidate receives support in the form of a loan for Montessori training in return for a multi-year commitment to stay with the sponsoring school; usually two to three years.

  • The loan usually covers tuition and fees, and the candidate pays living expenses during the training period.

  • In some cases, the school may forgive a portion of the loan with each year of subsequent service rendered by the candidate. In others, the candidate pays back the loan by deducting a pro-rated amount from each paycheck over the term of the contract.

  • In the event of termination, the candidate is usually required to pay back the balance of the loan with interest calculated from the date of loan disbursement.

Contact Montessori Northwest to discuss how sponsoring a student can prepare motivated members of your school community for life-changing careers in Montessori education.


Current and Future Montessori Teachers

Schools and organizations worldwide are so hungry for qualified teachers at a myriad of levels that some will offer to pay for your Montessori Northwest teacher training course. Sponsorships can be advertised on the MNW Job Board or anywhere Montessori jobs are listed. International, National and local Montessori Associations: