Little updates in "Other" 其他

In "Other":

  • For Observation, I have re-shared the blank form for Collective Stage Lesson Planning 共同管理階段課程計劃). 
  • I have fixed the link for the collaborative Word document for tips for and from mnw students who are parents.


Posted on August 1, 2018 .

Per our Check In ...

"Resources" - This summer's discussion and review questions are now available here.

"Other" - A collaborative Word document is now present for you to collect tips for and from mnw students who are parents.

Posted on July 27, 2018 .

Better Binomial Cube template and more Sensorial

In 感官"Sensorial Album," more items are now available.  Please note that we have removed an older unclear template for the Binomial Cube  二項式立方體, and now have an updated version available.  Be sure that the template you are using has "July 2018" at the bottom in the footer.

Posted on July 17, 2018 .

Sensorial documents and something optional 可選 for the Collective Stage

In 感官 "Sensorial Album" there are now many documents available. 

In 理論手冊 "Theory Album"  I've shared the document you used today in class (Blank form for Collective Stage Lesson Planning 共同管理階段課程計劃).  可選 Optional , but you might consider adding this to your Bound Theory Text binder near the sample/completed form.

Posted on July 10, 2018 .

Snack / Lunch and a Daily Schedule

"Practical Life Album" 日常生活 -- The notes on snack and lunch 點心和午餐 are now available as a Word document in the Practical Life Album section.


"Resources" 資源 :

  • There is now a 資源 Daily Schedule for the end of July
  • In 'Writing Support,' I've shared a document that could be helpful for writing up presentations. 



Posted on July 6, 2018 .

Song Lyrics

Turns out that I had shared the documents on Google Drive, but didn't provide the links in the "Other" section here on this area of the website.  Enjoy the documents now in the "Other" section!

Posted on July 3, 2018 .

Analyzed Movement Glossary

In "Practical Life Album" 日常生活 you can download a word document to then edit and use as your Analyzed Movement Glossary for Care of the Environment 照顧環境的分解動作(詞彙表).  Michelle will discuss this today.

Posted on July 2, 2018 .

Lyrics & "How to Submit Written Work" & Art

其他 In "Other" - You now have access to two documents to enjoy if you like.  They do not live in any of your albums:

  • MNW Lyrics - a pdf
  • Our songs from the summer - a google doc you can edit (be sure not to remove it from the folder!)

資源 In the Resources section, "How to Submit Written Work" is now available 交作業的方式

日常生活 In "Practical Life", documents are available related to Art/Expression 表達

Posted on June 29, 2018 .


In Resources 資源:

  • A Daily Schedule 每日課程表 is available for the first couple weeks of July
  • The Weekly Assignment Schedule 作業繳交日程表 has been updated.  Please be very sure to refer to this updated version for your July and August work!

More Practical Life documents are on their way soon too.

Posted on June 26, 2018 .

Resources (handbooks!) and Practical Life

Thank you for emailing Corinne (promptly, directly, and with details) if you ever are having difficulty with the student area of the website.  

"Resources"資源 :

  • 學生手冊 English and Chinese full handbooks are now available. This is a very rich resource for you.  Please refer to it regularly throughout your experience as a student.
  • 第四場讀書會:《1946 倫敦演講集》  For Reading Seminar 4, Chinese translations are now available.


"Practical Life Album" 日常生活 :

  • The Introduction is now available in English and Chinese.   日常生活領域簡介
  • More documents will become available next week
Posted on June 21, 2018 .

Resources and 四個發展階段-圖表: The Bulb Chart (中文 Chinese )


  • the Weekly Assignment Schedule and Details has been updated to include details on how to submit your work.  Also, one assignment changed in late July/early August.  
  • Chinese second half of handbook reshared to no longer reference our last summer course.

"Theory" - 中文  Chinese version of  四個發展階段-圖表 Four Planes Charts now available.  We recommend you insert these into your Bound Theory Text.

Posted on June 18, 2018 .

Reporting technical issues and Language Album documents

I have reposted the Language Album documents and hope you will find them to be easily accessible.

If you ever have an issue with a document or with accessing a document, please immediately email me and let me know what the problem is that you are noticing.   I can then look into it and resolve it. 

Happy weekend!


Posted on June 15, 2018 .

How to submit work

Here's the text from the whiteboard outside of my office.  Next week, I will have a fully bilingual version of this available in "Resources."


Theory Album submissions (Monday):

  • English – place on tray/cart outside of Corinne’s office.  Your pages can be paper clipped or tucked into a single page protector or carefully placed in a folder. Do include your name on your work.
  • Chinese – email to corinne@montessori-orgPlease do not include your name on your work as these will be read anonymously by the bilingual course assistant.


For Reference Album submissions (Wednesdays):

  • English and Chinese work – place on cart outside of Corinne’s office.  Use a 1” binder, with your name on the spine. The assignment will be read like a book, with pages that turn (3 hole punched or in page protectors). Include full, original check sheet.
  • Chinese also email your work to email to corinne@montessori-org.  Please do not include your name on your work as these will be read anonymously by the bilingual course assistant.


Reading Seminars – place your responses to the discussion questions on tray/cart outside of Corinne’s office.  Do be sure to include your full name on your work.

Posted on June 15, 2018 .

A clarification and some updated documents

Clarification:  The "You Found It" announcement from earlier this week erroneously stated that June 15 is a Thursday.  Please note that June 14 is a Thursday. ;)

Updates to documents: Two items related to the "Resources" section --

  • Reading Seminars - I uploaded a better version of this, and removed the less-than-satisfactory earlier version (it too had some weird dates on it)
  • Weekly Assignment Schedule and Details - This document is now available.
Posted on June 10, 2018 .

You found it!


Welcome to the Announcements page of your student area of the website.  You'll want to check this Announcements  page regularly as this is where we'll share with you any new or updated course documents. Take some time to click around here to see how we've organized this. We'll make more documents available throughout the course.  


Follow the instructions below to help prepare for the first day of the course.  以下的建議可以幫助您預備第一天的課程。

  1.  For the very first day of class -- bring something to write with, something to write general notes on, and also the new journal you just bought for the course.  You are welcome to bring a sealed watertight container into the lecture area.  第一天上課:帶一本可以寫一般事項的筆記本,也把為了這個課程而買的筆記本帶來。您可以帶能旋緊的水壺或飲料罐進入教室。.
  2. To know what we'll be doing the first days and weeks of class -- Take a look at the "Daily Schedule" document (You'll find it under the "Resources" tab here on this student area of the website).  The Daily Schedule shows what will be happening each day, and you'll use this as your cue to come prepared for what the day has in store.  I recommend printing this document for your reference. I'll also display a master copy near by office here at MNW, and you can look there for any updates.  請查看「每日課程表」以便得知課程開始的前幾天/週的課程內容(您可以在學生網站的「資源」區找到這份資料)。每日課程表上有每天會進行的事項,您可以用這份文件來預備每日的課程,我建議您將這份文件印出以供參考,我也會印一份貼在辦公室旁的公佈欄上,如果有任何變更,也會公佈在此。
  3. I'll be posting Daily Schedules every couple of weeks throughout the course.  For a bird's eye view of the full course, see the "Overall Course Schedule" 課程時間表 document present in "Resources" 在課程中,每兩週會提供一次每日課程表,你也可以在「資源」區的「課程時間表」中看到課程的總覽。
  4. Preparing for course work and active participation in class --  Your first reading assignment should be completed by Thursday, June 14 8:30, and you can begin this reading any time. 請積極主動地參與課程:第一次的讀書會作業必須於六月 14日早上八點半之前繳交,您現在就可以開始閱讀。

a) The Daily Schedule shows that Thursday 6/14 there are some Theory topics 理論手冊 we will be discussing in class --  "Historical Perspective" and "Human Tendencies" . Students are expected to have completed these readings so you can fully participate in class discussion and activities related to these topics. 

每日課程表上說明在六月 14日星期四,課程上將會討論的理論主題為:《歷史與流變》和《人類傾向》,學生必須先完成這兩個主題的閱讀,才能參與課堂上的討論和活動。

b) Wondering how to to access the reading material for these topics?  Most of your Theory readings will come from something we will be giving you at Orientation -- a green binder called the "MNW Bound Theory Collection." 

大部份的理論閱讀資料收錄於《MNW 理論合集》中,並在說明會的時候發給學生。

c)  If you are hungry to get a head start on these first two readings,  I'm happy to help.  Go to the "Theory Album" 理論手冊 tab here on this area of the website.   There you'll find active links for those two Theory documents.  You can simply read them, or choose to download them.  No real need to print them as you'll be given a copy, but printing is certainly an option (Be kind to the earth and use scrap paper or something?  Speaking of which, check this out.)  



Thanks for reading all of this. Soon we can actually just talk in person!



Posted on June 5, 2018 .