Observation document and letters

In "Other", there are now several items available for you related to Observation:

  • For all students to read and to share with hosts -- "MNW Expectations for Observation"
  • 所有的學員請事先讀過 「MNW Expectations for Observation」這份文件,並與觀察教室的主教老師分享。

Then, select and use any of the following letters to share with your host: 

  • If a school has agreed to host you for Observation, please share this letter with them - "Thank you from MNW"
  • If you are reaching out to a school to ask if they will host you, share this letter with them - "MNW letter of introduction"
  • If you need to provide your employer with information about taking time off of work to fulfill this requirement, share this letter with them - "MNW student on staff"
  • 如果學校已經同意讓你前去觀察,請你將這封信呈給學校 — Thank you from MNW
  • 如果你正和學校聯繫,詢問學校是否願意讓你前去觀察,請你將這封信呈給學校 —  MNW letter of introduction
  • 如果你必須要給你的僱主更多的資訊,以便讓你能夠請假去完成觀察時數,請將這封信呈給你的僱主 — MNW student on staff


Posted on September 7, 2018 .