Downloadable documents and links related to various aspects of the course.   Please notify if a link is missing or not functioning correctly. The Student Handbook is the primary resource for information on Academic and Administrative Requirements.


Daily Schedules:

Overall Course Schedule (English)              課程時間表 (Chinese)

Weekly Assignment Schedule and Details:作業繳交日程表 (Bilingual for all 中英雙語) - updated June 26

How to Submit Written Work  交作業的方式  (Bilingual for all 中英雙語)


Writing Support:

Reading Seminars:

Reading Seminars 讀書會 (Bilingual for all 中英雙語) - revised June 10

Chinese translation for Reading Seminar 3《兒童、社會與世界》Ch.4 蒙特梭利另類完全學校:論蒙特梭利學校的原則

Chinese translations for Reading Seminar 4  第四場讀書會:《1946 倫敦演講集》:


"General Knowledge Album" 般常識手冊

Discussion and Review Questions from 1st Summer


Student Handbook:

Student Handbook (English)

學生手冊  (中文 Chinese)