Downloadable documents related to the Practical Life Album.  Please notify if a link is missing or not functioning correctly. The Student Handbook is the primary resource for information regarding Reference Albums and general Academic Requirements.


Practical Life documents will begin to become available around June 25 (watch Announcements page)


Practical Life Check Sheet 日常生活工作手冊檢點表  (Bilingual for all!) 

Practical Life Presentation Outlines -  English    Chinese

Introduction to Practical Life (English)   日常生活領域概要 (Bilingual)

Making the Ellipse (English)   製作橢圓的線 (Chinese)

Helps to Self-Toileting (English)    自我如廁的協助 (Chinese)

Introduction to Art (English)   簡介藝術 (Chinese)

Sample Art Activities (English)   藝術活動的範例 (Chinese)