Downloadable documents related to the Sensorial Album.  Please notify if a link is missing or not functioning correctly. The Student Handbook is the primary resource for information regarding Reference Albums and general Academic Requirements.


Sensorial documents will begin to become available in July (watch Announcements page)


Sensorial Album Check Sheet 感官工作手冊確認單 (Bilingual for all!) 

Sensorial Presentation Outlines (word document):

  • English  

  • Chinese

Introduction to Sensorial (English)    簡介感官教育 (Chinese)

Memory Games in Sensorial - English    記憶遊戲 (Bilingual option)

Cylinder Blocks - template 帶插座圓柱體

Pink Tower - template 紅塔

Brown Stair - template 棕色梯

Red Rods - template  紅長棒

Geometry Cabinet - template 幾何圖櫥

Extra handout for your own use: Triangles Worksheet (do not include in Album)

Geometric Solids - template 立體幾何

Bells 音感鐘

Decanomial Square - templates 十項式

Binomial Cube - template  二項式

Trinomial Cube - template 三項式

Constructive Triangles - template  建構三角形

Constructive Triangles - Article by Mario Montessori 馬力歐蒙特梭利的建構三角形

Knobless Cylinders - template 彩色圓柱體

Introduction to Cultural Extensions - English   Chinese

AMI Cultural Extensions Chart - print in color

Leaf/Botany Cabinet - use this template in combination with the ones on the student resource shelves 葉形圖櫥

Puzzle Maps - Continent Folders handout  七大洲資料夾

Land and Water Forms - Land and Water Folders handout   水陸地型資料夾