Training of Trainers Fellowships

There’s never been a better time to become an AMI Trainer! Montessori Northwest is pleased to announce Training of Trainers Fellowships for qualified individuals. We are looking for candidates at all levels to join our dynamic team and support the growth and sustainability of our programs.

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Montessori Northwest has established a Fellowship program for cultivating new AMI Trainers to support the growth and sustainability of our programs. Successful candidates will be offered a sponsorship agreement with Montessori Northwest that provides financial support during Training of Trainers. Accepting a sponsorship commits each Fellow to future work at Montessori Northwest.

Primary Training of Trainers Fellow, Michelle Becka (middle), gives a lesson to students. Read, The Life of a Primary Trainer in Training, Michelle's thoughts on her experience so far.

The Fellowship model replicates a typical school sponsorship where the candidate is given a loan for living and travel expenses during Training of Trainers, but the loan is forgiven incrementally over subsequent years of employment until the debt is fully eliminated. 

Application Process

This application process is designed to determine a candidate’s suitability for future Training of Trainers and employment at Montessori Northwest. Priority consideration will be given to candidates with complete application packets received by March 1, 2016. Applicants must initiate the AMI Training of Trainers application process prior to submitting a MNW Fellowship application. A Fellowship agreement will be awarded after a candidate is fully accepted into AMI Training of Trainers. 

The Application Review Committee is comprised of Montessori Northwest Trainers and Executive Director. Applicants will be informed in writing as to the status of their application within three weeks and successful candidates will be interviewed prior to the final decision. If accepted, a Fellowship agreement will be drafted for sponsorship during Training of Trainers.

If you have questions about our Training of Trainers Fellowships, please contact us at: or call 503-963-8992.