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The more we help, the happier we feel. Doing good for the MNW community will provide you a natural sense of accomplishment. Your role as a volunteer can also give you a sense of pride and identity.

Seattle Area Primary Summer Course **Proposed**

The following is a list of skills and talents needed to support the opening of our proposed Seattle Area Primary Summer Course. Please sign up for the Committee that you think would be the most fun and which you have some interest and skills to offer (signup at bottom of page). Many Committees will require some time on site; for others, the work will be done on your own schedule with a time line for completion.

If you have any questions about these volunteer opportunities, please contact Jan Thorslund at: jthorslund@northwestmontessori.org.

CALLIGRAPHY (3-4 persons)

Requirements: Neat, tidy and steady hand; able to write uniform letters in plain script and cursive; comfortable using ink. 
Needs: Printing labels for language area, text for some cultural extension materials, small booklets, etc. Some things in cursive.

SEWING (2-3 persons)

Requirements: Able to work carefully by hand and with machine; sense of order.
Needs: Making aprons and underlays, polishing cloths and folding cloths.

SHOPPERS (3-4 persons)

Requirements: Love to shop, love of fine things at low prices, good eye for aesthetics and appropriate for activity.
Needs: Guided Shopping for some practical life items, boxes, etc. as detailed in Reference Book Activities. Also possibly needed: second hand couch, chairs etc. for student lounge, desk and book shelves for office; chairs and tables for adult students.

FURNITURE (2-3 persons)

Requirements: Skilled in working with wood.
Needs: Several child sized tables and chairs, shelves.


Requirements: Familiarity with Annual Giving, Grant writing, Personal solicitation, tracking and appreciating donors.
Needs: An organized Funds Development strategy to begin to supply funds for capital expenditures, additional activities and materials (i.e. Montessori materials, office equipment—phones, computers, printer/fax laminating machine, additional activities, i.e. guest lecturers and/or shortfall.

TECH SUPPORT (2 persons)

Requirement: Tech savvy-familiar with creating and maintaining web site, use of Word and Excel.  One person to serve as part-time Administrative Assistant to Director of Training with some compensation.
Needs: Web site, translating forms to Seattle Center, assist Director of Training with documents for students, AMI, Portland, Washington, registration support.

HOSPITALITY (3-4 persons)

Requirements: Enjoys researching housing for non-resident students, as well as transportation and medical resources and other resources as needed for non-residents.  Enjoys participating in events to welcome speakers, students, examiners, etc.
Needs: Work with applicants who are not residents of Seattle to helpmeet their needs for housing and information; prepare an environment to host welcome meeting for students, and other events as scheduled.

SET UP (4-6 persons)

Requirement: Willing worker.
Needs: Help with the set-up of the environment one week prior to start of course.

TAKE DOWN (4-6 persons)

Requirement: Willing worker, careful packer.
Needs: Help with packing up environment at the end of each summer and getting items to storage.


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